Problems I faced as I am learning web developments from 7 months

I know this is hard to digest article because we generally read how they started coding 6 months back and now working as a software developer at Google, Amazon.

This is a story of failure but it got perseverance. So hold on tight for a tale full of adventure and thrill coz it can be your story, your problems, your life.

I am a Bachelor of technology in computer science. I was 17 at that time when I choose the course. During those days I got inspired by people whose motto is “Don’t study because bookish knowledge doesn’t determine the quality of life”. I studied nothing, somehow passed the examinations studying at the last minute. After four years, somehow I managed to get a job in a reputed IT company due to my average grades and preparing the basic interview questions. 😜

In the job, while I was in the training phase, I was influenced by people who told: “who cares if we train ourselves in training we will get it when we are finally put in a project”. I was thrown into a project where they expected me to be a Javascript developer. But then in my experience, it was like climbing Mount Everest. Due to my average performance, I was thrown into a support project after some time. 😔

After two and a half years of job experience, I realized this is not what I want from my life. Man, I was full-on, party twice a week, casual attitude, exactly like the hero you see on Netflix. Something was seriously missing because this was not the life I wanted for myself.

I imagined myself where I will reach after 10 years, I imagined my boss. It was an awakening call. So I changed my influence then on, I searched on how to make money, how to change a life, tons of motivational videos, how to code, what are the popular programming languages and so on.

Nothing was moving for a while, I was just watching content and no doing but it was building new beliefs in my mind and breaking useless ones. It drastically hit me one day. I tried to code but failed many times then I came across #100DaysOfCode. I took this up but did not put this on twitter. I didn’t want me to fail in front of everybody(although no one knew me 😄).

Till now I understood habit-building is an essential step for excellence. Nothing was working out so I decided let’s go public. I was able to cling on to it for some time. But, again I failed due to many distractions and compulsions that I had in my life.

This was disheartening, I wasn’t able to succeed. Adding on to it my peers were getting successful and I was helping them celebrate, this was it. Now I decided one thing I will code for 1 hour, do yoga for 30 minutes, meditate for 20 minutes, and study business or follow the tech community for 30 minutes.

I also maintained a habit tracker app to measure my progress. It was like eating shit but I showed up, did it like a religion. Many times I failed to show up. But somehow I just kept clinging on to it. I followed some tutorials, did some small projects looking at youtube. Within four months I switched my career to a Software developer in ReactJs. Finally, I got what I wanted at least that is what I thought.

But, this was the beginning of a nightmare 😄. I was asked to perform some basic tasks. When I saw their huge code base I lost my mind. Now, I had revived my friendship with the ones who were already walking the way of programming. I talked to them regularly they guided me well.

After all this time I see a strong sense of control, discipline in my action. I am more goal-oriented now. My mind is in better control and it doesn’t wander around like it used to be. I feel more sorted now. I have stopped comparing myself with others.

But still, I have not achieved my goals. Like I did before, I will introspect, make frameworks for resolving the problems, and keep on working till I achieve excellence. I know I will be a failure with every step I will take towards excellence there will another step.



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Ashutosh Sahoo

I am a self-motivated person who likes to explore life, push my limits and find expertise in various aspects like career, relationships, health