How COVID is testing our humanity

Ashutosh Sahoo
3 min readMay 28, 2020

Everything was happening fine. Schools, colleges, offices were all going fine. Businesses were having their high and low as they used to be. But the end of the decade 2020 began with something very fatal and all our ways got changed. It was COVID. Experts predict this to be so deadly that it has the potential to claim lives that we saw in the Spanish flu kind of situation.

How long will humanity have to suffer losses due to corona virus

Nations are calling full lockdown in many parts of the world some are opting for partial lockdowns. Due to this, all the money taps are getting closed. Businesses are getting closed, doctors are the new war heroes, governments not just have to deal with the Corona Virus but also with the panic that it is creating among the masses and the way we used to live have seen changed drastically.

This force is having the major hit due to which they are not just losing their jobs but also the source of their livelihood. These are generally those people whose families are living in the remote areas of the country. Times when there is no job, no security of life only choice they have is returning to their homes where at least they will have their families.

With this increase in migration, chances of spread of the corona virus also increase. If we carefully look at the graph of how this disease is spreading the more the number of cases increases the more the chances us getting it increases.

It is thus our primary responsibility to restrict the spread of the virus to ensure it does not come to us by taking precautions and also it comes to us it should not go to someone else. This is personally what everyone needs to take care of.

Things that we can do for the society to prevent the spread is we need to reach out to our supporting staff like the maids, milkman, cook, and ask if things are well with them. If they are not well then there will be migrations and chances of them getting the virus increases. Please make sure the person who invested his time and energy in making your life comfortable in good times doesn’t get starved in a tough time.

Let’s join hands and help each other. It's okay if you can help a single-family.



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